We post here every few days, a detailed description of our trip. While we are underway, it is sometimes tough to write much, but we try to update our position every day along with a one or two sentence description of our day. Go to the “LOCATION” page, click on winlink.org, and hover over each point on the map.


  1. Ang Reply

    Doing great. Watching you and sending my love. Steady on OliveOyl.

  2. David and Alison Reply

    ‘Just wanted to let you know that we’re thinking of you. Thanks for sharing your voyage (and furnishing justification to look at reports and forecasts of seas, winds, and weather )

  3. Ang Reply

    Helluva great run last 24 hours. Looks like you are about 3 to 4 days out now. Watching and cheering you on. Sail on mighty little Olive Oyl, sail on. Big love at cha.

  4. David and Alison Reply

    Have not checked in a while, being socially distant and all. SIL Dan’s sailing enthusiasm grows. He asked about y’all and Olive Oyl today.

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