Where is Olive Oyl?    Although, we have been lax about keeping our blog up to date, this section is updated every time we move Olive Oyl.  Winlink shows the best display and is our recommended display.

Winlink.org   Winlink.org is digital email over Ham Radio.  There are hundreds of generous Amateur operators, around the world, who have installed complicated digital electronics, attached to powerful radios, which they leave on day and night.    It is our intention to send at least one position report sometime each day when underway, and one report every time we anchor in a new location.

MarineTrafic.com This site keeps track of all vessels with AIS transmitters, using their USCG documented names.  AIS transmissions are reported by satellites  and, due the the miracle of digital electronics, wind up on this website.  At the top right of this website, you will find a search window labelled “Vessel, Port, etc.”  You should type in “Olive Oyl”, and you will probably find 4 Olive Oyls listed.  One from Japan, one from Great Brittan,  one from Houston, TX (US), and the other is us.  Click on our OliveOyl, and you will get to a page that shows a map of our most recent position at the bottom.

MarineTrafic.com is one of several similar services.  You can subscribe to these services and get historical information on an hour by hour basis.  The free service only includes the current (of last reported) location.  If you want to know where Olive Oyl was yesterday or last month on the 16th, you need to pay for their service.

Note:  If we don’t make a position report for a while, the most likely reason is that we had radio or electrical problems.  Under no circumstances should anyone contact the Coast Guard and report us overdue.