When mornng came we found a tiny flying fish on the deck. It was the size of a medium size goldfish. We see them quite often, emerging from the side of one wave, flying 50 yards and dissapearing into the side of another. What an odd creature. We had very rough conditions last night and this mornrng, probably because we were still in an eddy of the gulf stream. The boat was constantly rollng, and you couldn’t find a place to put anything. After a mornrng thunderstorm (winds to 50 knots!), things settled down to regular sailing, and we averaged close to 5 knots. I saw the back of a humpback whale. Ribeyes for dinner. New icebox holding the cold very well.


  1. Alison and David Reply

    Drank your health in Hong Kong – the jovial six of us. 14 hour flight to Dallas boarding now great to hear from you!
    More soon as we are back.

  2. David Reynolds Reply

    Good to hear from O. O..
    We sent a comment from DFW last night, but it didn’t post. 50 kts! No wonder that the fish are flying. What did you have still set? Hope that you could see it coming ok?
    We six drank to your health in Hong Kong a few nights ago.
    More soon.

    • Doug Reply

      David, When I am at sea, I have no access to the WordPress control panel. I can only post through shortwave radio. I cannot even read my own blog. For this reason, I cannot read any of your weather commentary. Additionally, you won’t see your comments, since I have to approve them through the WordPress control panel, and I can’t do this until I am back to real internet.

    • Doug Reply

      We only had our staysail set. We also were running our engine a bit.

  3. David Reynolds Reply

    Late lunch here in Jackson and a look at sea conditions and weather surface analysis inbound to Bermuda. Looks pretty favorable now, on the IPhone screen, at least – enough wind to sail and seas just enough to let you know that you’re underway.

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