Instead of telling what we plan to do, we will be telling what we just did. After our morning weather briefing, we were encouraged to expedite a bit, so we have started our long sail this morning at 8:32. We have had lackluster wind until a half hour ago. Wind is now 11-12 on our Port bow. We are maintaining our desired course, but we have to make a slight left turn to go out the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel, so we are hoping the wind will shift as well. Morining should find us about halfway to Cape Hattaras.
Regarding the odd message that follows this post:: This message is being sent by email over an amateur radio net called Winlink. Winlink adds this message in the belief that this is going to a normal email recipient, instead of a blog, The message is for folks who respond to a Winlink email, which of course, you can’t. The message reflects the standard restrictions on Ham communication. No business and no bad words.
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