Well, we are still in our slip in Regent Point Marina. The weather the last days had been delightful. Unfortunately the weather between here and Bermuda has been less so. We have delayed our departure for three days, and it looks like we will untie the lines tomorrow morning, and start our trip. We plan to sail down the Chesapeake Bay to Cape Charles, and, if we have time, anchor there for our last full night’s sleep before starting out to Bermuda Thursday morning. We have made good use of these three days, making a number of optional repairs, and culling some of the many possessions we realized we could do without. The rule of thumb is 1000 pounds (food water and stuff) for each crew member, and 2000 pounds is a bit of a load for a 10,000 pound vessel. All winter, Olive Oyl sat with her bow lower than her stern, but now she is on an even keel.

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  1. Peter Mueser Reply

    Wonderful. I’ll be following. I’m in Maine–just got Seabird out. 5/23/2019

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