It is another year, and we are about to embark on a new voyage from the Rappahannock River in Virginia to the UK, yes— England. Our planned route is Virginia to Bermuda (1 week, more or less), Bermuda to the Azores (3 weeks), and Azores to Falmouth (2 weeks). We plan to spend time visiting Bermuda and the Azores while we are there.
Today we are packing our boat, and making last minute repairs, checking supplies, finding a spot to put everything in our little boat, checking software, and making sure our blog still works. Yesterday, we finished installing our new dodger, and mounted 4 small solar cells on top.
Our long term goal is to sail the British Isles until it gets too cold to be fun, and find a place to leave Olive Oyl while we return to Virginia for the Winter. Next year we expect to continue our sail to other parts of Europe.
Note: we are using expressions like “plan” and “goal”. None of this is “cast in stone”.
We plan to start out tomorrow (Sunday) morning.
The picture shows the inside of our Sprinter van packed halfway to the top.

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