Monday, June 11, 10:30, we sailed into our marina, Regent Point Marina in Topping, Virginia.  Sunday afternoon, we sailed through the South tunnel of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and then to just outside Little Creek, where we talked a power boat into giving Peter a ride into shore, so he was able to catch a flight home for a meeting Monday morning.  Around sunset, we started our sail up the Chesapeake Bay to home, a mere 50 nautical miles.  Within a couple hours we were in the midst of a bad thunderstorm which thrashed us around a bit and lasted a bit less than an hour.  After that, we had good South winds to drive us up the bay, and when we neared the Rappahannock River, the wind shifted East to drive us up the River and into the marina.

We will post more detail here after we have a few days to decompress.  Overall, this has been a good trip.

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    Welcome home!

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