Monday, Brisk 16 knot wind moving us along at hull speed. We should make good time tomorrow too with wind decreasing a bit during the day Tuesday. We did 105 miles yesterday and 48 Saturday. Saturday, the wind died for a while, so we went swimming in 80 degree water 17,000 feet deep.
Found a 2 inch long flying fish on deck; too small for breakfast. There have been four Tropic Birds following our boat for a couple days. They are seagull size, white with black highlights, and have a long thin tail feather. They have a call that sounds like a pulley that needs grease.
Sunday night at 8:00, we were equidistant from Puerto Rico, and our home marina. Halfway!


  1. Ang Reply

    So good to hear from you, been wondering about you. Steady on Olive Oyl, doing great.

  2. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply


  3. David and Alison Reply

    Wednesday morning early – CDT
    Winlink shows you on a more northwesterly course. Heading in toward the Gulf Stream? NWS winds look like brisk westerlies today, but slowing down and more from the east and south after. Maybe a little precip too.
    Wishing you good visibilities, light traffic, and your favored winds.

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