We made 135 miles yesterday and 117 today (noon to noon). Wind is way down, so we will do much less tomorrow. Wind is around 5 knots, and we are drifting along at around 2 knots. The sea is so flat, it is hard to measure the wave height. Sailing is so smooth, we have been reading, doing maintenance, and some navigation exercises. We saw two commercial ships yesterday, and one last night. During the dawn watch, a small sparrow sized bird with yellow highlights, landed on deck for a rest.. 20 minutes later he took off. Good luck to him, we are well over a hundred miles from the nearest land.
It is a beutiful day with a blue sky, deep blue water. We have a full horizon all the way around with absolutely nothing there but us, and puffy clouds in the distance. I dropped my flip phone in the water this morning. We are in 18,000 feet of water. If the phone falls through the water at 1 foot per second, I figure that it will take 5 hours to reach the bottom, or about 2:00 this afternoon.


  1. Ang Reply

    Good to hear. Steady on Olive Oyl.

  2. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply

    Saturday morning –
    Progress looks good on Winlink. While NHC shows almost calm winds and seas at your location, NWS marine forecast is for SW lifetime winds. Looks like the high pressure piled up over that area mostly controls conditions now, Cold front coming off the continent up ahead should mostly dissipate, leaving your port tack pretty steady, just up and down wind speed. Seas look ok too.
    Hope that things go as described from this easy vantage.

  3. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply

    Oops, lifetime was met to be “light”. Pretty bold prediction there, NWS.

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