From noon to noon (24 hrs). we sailed 125 miles, a bit slower than yesterday. The wind is a bit less, and the waves are too. Trade winds are forecast to moderate more in the next two days, so we should be slowing down more, giving us a chance to try out our big drifter sail. Beautiful weather! Full moon at night. Lots of flying fish.. W are starting to feel like ourselves again.


  1. Ang Reply

    Good to hear. Steady on.

  2. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply

    Reading this at the kitchen counter as Alison cooks up what just came in from the garden. Alas, no flying fish. Our blueberries are ripe and tomatoes maybe a week behind them. I worked at the desk all day (good consulting gig, but mucho work) and went at garedening like a goat and pig team all by myself.
    But all that is to say that we are relieved for your improving comfort and ongoing enjoyment. Enthralled, we are.

  3. Mark Whitman Reply

    What an amazing adventure you two have been on! You seem to be making good progress on the homeward sail. Are you sailing a direct route to Virginia? What’s your ETA given that conditions stay favourable?

  4. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply

    June 1 0830 CDT –
    Olive Oyl progress impressive on Winlink this morning.. Cape Hatteras is on the bow, just a little below the horizon. OK, a lot below the horizon.
    Rumb line maybe? Aaaargh

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