We stayed here over a month. from Dec 30 through Feb 1.  There were serious winds exceeding 40 Knots the first couple days.  We were glad to be well sheltered with a secure mooring.  The second week of January we flew to Fort Lauderdale for our daughter Amanda’s wedding.  We came back to the boat with some materials that needed to be installed;  we took a 4 day trip around some nearby islands (see below), spent 2 days resewing our two jibs and 2 days figuring how to improve our internet connectivity,  climbed to the top of the mast to re-run the staysail halyard, bought a string mop,  and rented a car and took a road trip (see below).

Marsh Harbour is the third largest city in the Bahamas (after Nassau and Freeport).  It has good hardware stores, food stores,

auto supplies, and bakeries.  It has several marinas, fair marine supplies, and a secure harbor.  It has one traffic light, however, in our opinion, it is not a charming Bahamian vacation destination.  There is a thriving charter industry here.  For a few thousand dollars a week, you can come here and sail a nice large modern catamaran around charming Bahamian islands, a price competitive with staying in a resort.  If you are interested, contact our friend Angie, captain of Alibi http://adventureout.net   “Let our Alibi be your alibi”

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