We left Beaufort, N.C. on Sunday, 11/25 with great wind for sailing. Seas were pretty mild until Tuesday when waves were about 4 feet. No cooking was done on that day.It was cheese and crackers for dinner. We averaged about 110 miles each day which for our little boat is pretty good.

We caught our first fish on Monday it was a little Tunny which did not taste great.

We saw dolphins everyday. We did 3 hour watches each night and had a beautiful bright 1/2 moon following us. We arrived in St. Augustine, Florida yesterday evening at dusk and are now on a mooring ball at the Municipal Marina. The best part is that it is warm!! I was in shorts today. St Augustine is a beautiful little city that seems very friendly to cruisers. We even had a sea turtle swimming around our dinghy. Our tachometer stopped working reliably on this trip but we found a perfect, hardly used one at Sailor Exchange for only $20. Doug is installing it as I type this.  Today we walked around town and did some sight seeing. We will probably stay another day or 2 then head down the coast to West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale to prepare for crossing to the Bahamas. Stay tuned.


  1. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply

    Good to hear from you again. Not a terribly appetizing looking fish, I agree. As did the fish, for a short time.

  2. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply

    CMS cloud on winlink.org working. Thanks!

  3. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply

    Sunday morning, Bay Saint Louis –
    Winlink showing Olive Oyl about half way down the Florida peninsula, further and further from the reach of northers. Next arrival of one here is Tuesday about mid day, with dew point and temperature taking a slide until the weekend. Some of these make it to Cuba, but warm up on the way.

  4. David Reynolds and Alison Steiner Reply

    Tuesday morning –
    While you are comfy at anchor, Winlink shows, the Yukon is unloading a great norther on Mississippi. “The Arctic trails…”
    NWS holds onto merry breezes and livable temperatures for you for as far is the little lines on the cute graph go. Enjoy!

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